I’m Melting Down

Whew, you probably breathed a big sigh of relief when you got your acceptance letter and finally had an idea of what your next four years would be like. I bet that last summer even had days when stress became a distant memory. Maybe you even dared to think it was behind you forever.

However, once you get to college you find the list of college stressors is long.


  • Deciding your Major
  • Uncertain future
  • Communal Living
  • Roommate Problems
  • Tough Professors
  • Huge Class Population
  • Tough Course Load
  • Handling Your Own Meals
  • Handling Your Own Laundry
  • Finding Transportation
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend Issues
  • Lack of Privacy
  • Being Sick Without Anyone to Care for You


You don’t know if your child will make it. You just realized you shouldn’t have been doing so much micro-managing. You don’t even know if they can do their own laundry. Oh, and the roommate is up all night. Add all of that to the stress of exams. Your child will need to learn some coping skills.

 Stress is one of the biggest issues college students face. The Dorm Doctor has a stress symptom checker as well as our five favorite stress relieving activities. Offer your child simple solutions to the stressful situations they are sure to face that first year away from home in a college dorm.

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