Put Down the Ramen

Of course it’s tempting to disregard everything you’ve been taught about good nutrition and just fall into a junk food haze once you get to college, but this is not a good idea. You’re going to need to access all the energy and brain power your body can muster. The only way to be at your optimal best is by practicing good nutrition.

Parents: You’ve spent years teaching your child good nutrition. You kept lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. You never bought soda or cookies and cakes with unpronounceable ingredients on the package. You feel nauseous as you think about all the bad food choices that will be available for your child.

Assuage your fears right now by purchasing a copy of The Dorm Doctor, a college health handbook written in easily digestible and accessible format for your inbound college freshman. Dr. Carolyn George, an integrative medicine doctor in practice for 27 years offers the student tips for preparing meals in a dorm kitchen as well as easy ways to add vegetables to their diets and sample menus.

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