Sex is Serious Stuff


You are so excited about all the new people you will meet and so glad to be out of the whole high school scene. You can’t wait to start dating without everyone talking about every move you make.


You’re so worried about unsafe sex at college. And you’ve heard so much about sexual assaults on campus. You gave your child a pile of condoms and had one last big talk, but now it’s out of your control.


Whatever your sexual situation is, be it hooking up, friends with benefits, heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, committed or casual, it is all SERIOUS STUFF.

Call them condoms, gloves, rubbers, raincoats, burritos, crash helmets, snake skins, Jimmy Johns, trash bags or anything at all. Call them whatever you like, just use them!

Any type of sexual encounter at all should be using a barrier to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  Whether you are male or female, if you are sexually active, have condoms readily available ALWAYS.

Talking about sexual safety with your teenager can be a difficult subject to approach. Teens usually have to mysteriously be somewhere else whenever the subject comes up. However, there are times when they need a trusty source of information. Ease your mind and offer them a reliable source information when they need answers to questions, but don’t know who to trust.

The Dorm Doctor is full of useful information, but adds graphics, humorous cartoons, and easy-to-read formatting to fully engage the student. The Dorm Doctor, co-authored by Dr. Carolyn George and Meeka Anne (both who have children in college) is a must-have for all college bound students.

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