Stay in Motion

Maybe you’ve been told this your whole life. Exercise is one thing that should be a lifetime commitment. Perhaps your parents started hauling you to gymnastics or soccer games almost as soon as you could walk. Was playing a sport all through high school a fun family activity? Or maybe, you engaged in regular weekend biking, surfing, or ran marathons.

But now you are at college, away from the watchful eyes of your parents, without anyone to pull you outside for a morning run or a swim. It probably feels tempting to sleep late, watch videos or just lay around now that no one is nagging you. Do yourself a big favor and commit to an exercise ritual that is also fun for you.


There are so many excellent reasons why you should get plenty of exercise while at school.

  • Great for stress management
  • Controls weight
  • Improves mood
  • Promotes good sleep
  • Fun way to socialize
  • Boosts energy

Parents: You hope your child stays active at school. You always encouraged them to play a sport or go to the gym when they were at home. You know how important it is to their health and mental state.

Knowledge is power, and the best way to ensure your teen’s success when they leave for college is to empower them with information. However, it must be information that they can relate to. Don’t bog them down with dull pages of boring text. The Dorm Doctor is full of useful information, but adds graphics, humorous cartoons, and easy-to-read formatting to fully engage the student. The Dorm Doctor, co-authored by Dr. Carolyn George and Meeka Anne (both who have children in college) is a must-have for all college bound students.

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